Your parents away, I’m an old mine!

Your parents away, I'm an old mine!More recently, during the first baseball game of my son of the season, I am aware of a conversation between two parents. I do not know who the father of their children. Only the guys who were in the same team as my son. Let me tell you, I’m not in the gossip, not a drama queen, you are not interested in the drama and tragedy of others. God knows, I had more than his share, and last year promised I did not want there!

Your parents away, I'm an old mine!So while I look and joy for my daughter and her staff, the parents come to the chair where I sit and clear through their interaction, they know well. Is that you and help me several feet in the stands, goes to suppress their voice calls. They began to talk about their children, and described as lazy and spoiled, they thought that their children receive. They talk about how many children came to walk to school, and if they or have they disappeared? Then the father gets torn his wife and said, “let me go to school and pick them every day, even if the school is just a short stroll He complained that I had nothing to do at home, Most days I’m useful. and bring the child ren to school, at least. I tried to explain that they are old enough, and that schools are not far away and it was nice to go there and to be independent and to teach them. Responsibility Almost every day one of them forgot something and she told me to make myself useful and what you get to school, he continued to say. “He came to myself in the bathroom last night complaining for doing nothing all day, and on me. She felt like she was the only father and he said, no matter what I think. “I think these kids are spoiled and need to learn responsibility, but as I say I’m a bad person.”

Your parents away, I'm an old mine!That was it, I could not stand it! I watch and laugh openly, in the hope they will see this as a sign that she heard the call and the call was not listening. No problem, do not stop the father! I wondered, “Should I intervened and told him to be a man and be a better father, I decided to become my wife, and they were not allowed to do it, if I go I take a deep breath. the second.

Your parents away, I'm an old mine!But seriously, there is a problem with both parents with very different parenting styles. IT DOES NOT WORK! Children play one parent against the other, and then there’s a good cop and a bad cop father. When my husband was alive, I put myself in the wrong category cop … I hate it, it does not work! Parents should “mature” Paper … your children need boundaries, responsibility, independence and especially the consistency of the two parents should have to win. We are your models, they see what we are doing and copy what we do. So if this particular father has no daughter, guess what they want to boss and friend and certainly her husband’s pants in the family. It is quite wrong that parents are partners. Do what is good for children to be raised. It’s all about commitment, cooperation and respect. You can either in partnership or marriage dictatorship?