With the help of HSA account a high deductible health insurance plan

With the help of HSA account a high deductible health insurance plan

Some people cope with the rising cost of health insurance and the responsibility to buy good coverage because they do not cover self-employment or employer. An effective way to coordinate resources by purchasing a high-deductible health insurance (HDHP) with now and then a health savings account (HSA).

The concept of using this type of insurance and prepaid account financing appears as a way to control rising health care costs. This strategy is to allocate money wisely for the account holder because they spend their own funds. HDHP also plans to invite lower premiums than traditional plans.

With the help of HSA account a high deductible health insurance planThis account gives certain tax benefits compensation to qualified individuals for medical needs, now and in the future. These are some of the load characteristics that should be considered:

1. The accounts are deductible contribution if paid to a qualified plan.

2. HSA account are exempt from tax and no tax on income adjusted properly for the account. The tax only applies to the following conditions:

• Contributions are made at the border

• Failure of the compliance report submitted

• prohibited transaction rules listed

With the help of HSA account a high deductible health insurance plan3. Withdrawal of HSA accounts used to pay non-taxable income for medical expenses of the taxpayer or his family. Eligible expenses as medical expenses? With the deduction of medical expenses on personal tax returns. Withdrawal is used by this account for other than medical expenses paid nothing. An additional 20% tax penalty is also applied to increase if the withdrawal occurs after the contributor reaches the age of 65, in case of death or disability.


Eligible for HSA account require the account will be closed by (HDHP). However, the deed of sale is a separate policy for disability, accident, vision, long-term care and dental ok and done by some customers.

This type of diet has an annual minimum and maximum deductible. The minimum and maximum deductibles for 2015 are:


$ 1.300 individual directives

$ 2.600 family policy


$ 6.450 individual directives

$ 12.900 family policy

contribution limits

HSA contribution limit accounts. This contribution is a decrease in the gross income. Limits as follows:

$ 3.350 Single

$ 6.650 Family

The contribution limits for people over 55

$ 4.350 Single

$ 7.650 Family

Other facts

With the help of HSA account a high deductible health insurance plan

The amount of contributions that can be added is in the HSA account on a pro rata basis from the month found participation in HDHP recognized. For example in 2015, when someone buys family coverage on July 1 and made the cover for the rest of the year they will be members of an approved plan. Calculation of partially HDHP Plan contributions for six months a year. Calculations by the completed divided by 12 months per year or $ 6.650 multiplied by 6.12 equals six months deductible contribution of $ 3.325.

HDHP policy which in the last months of the year, the full year as a member of the official plan for the calculation of the contribution of HSA accounts.

Once you begin to Medicare, they are no longer considered as a competent person who can contribute to the HSA account.

IRA account holder can give a one-time withdrawals from your account tax-free upon withdrawal HSA funds paid account. The amount that can be withdrawn from an IRA tax-free, less than or equal to the maximum amount of the contribution to the account of the year.