Why We Donate to Veterans Causes

My brother is a returning vet. He will talk about some things about engaging enemy forces, but he does not go into a lot of detail. When he hits certain points of his stories that we have to pull out of him, he kind of just stops for a second and gets a look on his face as if he is reliving the moment. This happens for the fun times he talks about as well as the other times when he was at risk of losing his life. This is why our family chooses to donate to veterans causes. My brother is a strong man, but he is also well established emotionally. He can be tough, but I also see him shed a tear when his first child was born.

It is not great that we live in a world where men and women have to be called on to defend their country with their lives and take other lives in the process of that defense. Life has a lot of things that are not fair, but they are necessary to do. Also, not everyone can rise to the call of doing extraordinary things such as carry a weapon into battle against enemy forces. It is not like a video game. The blood, pain and loss is real. Some veterans come back missing body parts. Some only have their bodies returned for loved ones to bury. There have been many that never were able to come home. It is a privilege to donate to veterans causes. We just choose carefully who we donate to.

My brother has a great job doing what he he really likes to do. He says he misses certain aspects of military life and work, but there are some parts of it that he never wanted to live. He volunteers in helping veterans who have come home but are not doing well adjusting to civilian life.