White Sand and Seashell

White Sand and SeashellThis summer at the beach. People, including sparkling splash in the sea. Some names lie on the white sand holder makes New Sun droplets. In the bathroom austere blue wave hunter echo other music attracted accepted. Children have their game another chance sandy castle statues of your game and play ‘Laro Ng Lahi “(Culture Games), while fishermen on the beach in their daily catch anchored to have their food from their wives, family and friends ,

Sixteen elk life cycle on the beach, many are not aware of a family of white sand and shells. They were there to share the beach for such a long time always cherished friendship.

White Sands ask, “Why people get distracted disease, while others do harm, and they are not resigned feeling pain while me?”

Shell said, “Oh, my friend, you do not have what you and I feel, until nobody knows it!”

White Sand and Seashell“But How? When? They continue to injure and even kill us every day,” said White Sand phone track.

“We will wait until the time is eleven Creator die in time decide Enter. For naked, you love the pain Bring you people die,” said Seashell.

Suddenly, a huge wave splashes boos met two friends, and when both are Separately enabled. People cry and ask for help. Happy was turned into moans of pain, anxiety, fear and pain the family home of the door and the sick. Beach was transformed into a sea of ​​blue of the open sea to wash little bursts of laughter in a minute ago.

If Flood disappeared, pale peace Beach. Late in Waves never showed signs of a tragedy. A month that time, and the stars twinkling sky unbuttoned. But the impulse little thing on the beach in front is very quiet. Uncomfortable silence ever living beings NEXT killing loneliness White Sands.

White Sand and Seashell“Seashell, where are you? Where are you, please, tell me, where are you?.

But never call will reply. For several years, White Sand alone on the beach. No one spoke. Remembering how he loved laughter of people when they are hard to bear. Only now, it was not one saw, no one has come back and steal tired muscles move.

He began to feel lonely and out. He lost all positions and play to the crowd and their influence on the hem and it is especially missed Friends Seashell. Couple that he was there only for one year and lonely.