to welcome back to school for your family

to welcome back to school for your familyBack to school can be a rocky year for students and their families. To help make it as free as possible from the stress, here are 5 tips for a happy return to the transition from school. They served me and my friends for many years – and we hope you and your family.

5 tips for gear happy return to school

1. Set expectations: creating expectations and the consequences of getting a job, time management, and more. I wish my son gave homework all the time, for example, and when I discovered that it was more than temporary, forget consequences. It could be the loss of the privilege of being, but my favorite episode worked for me – so they are often involved additional tasks around the house. Consequences for him, less work for me – is the capital version of a win-win!

 2. Establish a routine: homework before TV took place or place one hour of downtime after school? Friends can come into the school at night? There is a limit to the “Send Time”? (If you are not familiar, all this means for the phone screen, computer, TV, etc.) to create routines that everyone knows the plan and if written works for your family, make a graph.

to welcome back to school for your family 3. Reward success: I’m not just talking about the newsletter in return – but things that everybody can see on a regular basis. Have fun and reward systems as a family. Maybe it’s a family movie night in or a special dessert. Rewards do not have to be expensive or large events can be seen, be creative! Write it down and monitoring.

 4. Do not “parents” to be: support and homework and learn to control, if necessary, but not a helicopter parent. Micromanagement Parents often end with kids who are not volume or the bustle of the capital did not increase at a certain level … Do not let a few times, so that the responsibility (children they are smart !) – The faster they learn the skills to make their work easier transition to school and will be in the world of work.

 5. Go to sleep! All went well as everything else. (Also, Mom and Dad!) Take time to sleep and to ensure that everyone pretty eyes closed expires. When we rest to concentrate, deal with stress more easily and get along better with others.

I will never forget the day I was talking to my son for his first year in college. Then he struggled and did not bother me and went to bed, still in school, he thanks! (Yes, mother, it is true!) In high school, I was told, because all their friends start homework at 11 or 12, but when he went to college, he thanked me because ” they always TE In the work routine and always slept. He said he rested his best, most effective … is to do through the day in a room without coffee or other stimulants.