Secure financial health

Secure financial healthToday I want to talk about the functioning of the internal financing, health insurance. Have you ever thought about how people are supposed to pay for health insurance? Do not worry, my view of the policy of ownership does nothing to ensure that someone will have good health because they have health insurance. My definition of health insurance is that the policy is simply a financial plan that may or may not be able to pay for your medical benefits.

Secure financial healthCommon sense should tell anyone that the money from the health insurance premium surcharge on the layer just above the actual cost of treatment. The same reasoning applies for payments many people are equal to the cost of medical services.

When the mad doctor to start the billing system, and how it is becoming so widespread? As a pharmacist in the 1960s, I remember, with customers asking to buy their prescription list for this year. At first I thought the list was to justify the withholding tax, but after a while, I was told that some of the clients of the insurance company, which will return a portion of their medical expenses.

Secure financial healthOf course, if there is a contract for this service is between the client and the insurance company. As a pharmacist, I trust the client’s responsibility, not the insurance company. I have the necessary information to the customer, because I called to have a pharmacy business services.

Secure financial healthThat all changed around 1967, when the government began to politicians to buy votes, saying that many children do not receive adequate medical care. It is a trick that is used for health policy crisis that began today. I mean, we have more children currently need better health care, a percentage, as in the 1960s, if not, we’ll hear from politicians and the media 24 hours a day. Instead, we heard endless talk about all need health insurance to improve the health and nonsense.

Secure financial healthI must continue to strengthen its position in this matter on the financial details of health insurance, but I think it is important, little stories about how it all started to explain. In the next issue, I will start discussions with economists ACA evaluate information without experience in health care. Feel free to share with family and friends as more people know the truth about health, the more chances we have to improve a bad situation.