Parenting advice from an unlikely source

Parenting advice from an unlikely sourceYou, as parents may be surprised that Francis, a person, and children and families, we offer a number of helpful parenting advice. If he is, he has asked to address a group of bishops during a visit to Philadelphia in modern family is a challenge they face combat. He stressed that the system of the family is the core of all religions and he has no interest in giving advice for the family.

Sam changes the family system with the changes taking place in the commercial world. Previous use small market and more intimate customer relationships based on personal relationships. But now, competition, consumption and the shooting range equation, which led to the formation of large supermarket box.

To complete the analogy, Francis said the environment requires parents to keep their children in a totally different culture, in a competition to improve everywhere. This means that the sensitive consumer to support on the bottom. He said that the current crop of bonds and other afraid to believe.

Parenting advice from an unlikely sourceToday, the younger generation indifferent to the institution of marriage and family system, but it is not their fault. He is a loner who they believe that the reason for their indifference.

A number of studies show that feelings of loneliness are often not only for young people but also among other things. Digital communication has been replaced by “real” cylinders. The only way to recognize the problem of loneliness and try to solve.

Previous religion is used to connect people. But today, people Chase “likes” and try to get as many “friends network” if possible. Francis said it is bad for human culture. The bad taste of the consumer and the strong competition in almost all walks of life for the violation of human and social ties.

In short, Francis interesting parallels between economic conditions and the decline of family ties, the institution of marriage, and the feeling of solidarity with others.

Parenting advice from an unlikely sourceToday’s young people are reluctant to have a family, or because they lack financial resources or because they feel comfortable with them lead a happy life. Research has shown that economic and education factors contribute mainly to a sharp decline in the institution of marriage.

She remembers a series of mothers in Argentina dealt with many complaints about their children who are still single, even after reaching the age of 32 or 34. He suggested, these mothers stop and board clothing help these children in their work or take care of your small needs.

The growing income inequality. But economic stability, not only for life choices. It is primarily a question of survival. Francis refused to recognize that young people are anxious, incoherent and weak today. The unfortunate fact is that they are forced to grow up in pressure situations and crop scenarios without mercy. This is what weakens the family system.

He urged people to admonish with a strong moral authority, religious and political leaders, trying to “family values” preach without evaluation of policies to support the family.