Our Little Red & Green Christmas Lodge

Every year on December 1st we have visitors. His name is friends and moves to the North Pole with us. He spent Christmas gifts socks and stayed with us until Christmas Eve.

Our Little Red & Green Christmas LodgerNow this may seem like a long journey, but Buddy is invited ordinary. Buddy is an elf, trained under Santa Arctic “supervision to guide their children in the race for Christmas Eve. He said the big man in the behavior of children and whether they were naughty or her list!

Santa Elves are always great every year – I suspect that there are millions of people that there must be a family visit in December!

Some things very naughty elves! In the morning, you’ll see, he was hiding in the fridge, or surrounded by a pile of chocolate wrappers. Some are known Barbie all night to get to know the despair!

Other elves may be paved with good intentions, to wild and wonderful things to do every night … But the morning may seem they forget everything and made some timid attempts to hide, a few minutes before the children of the stair case!

Our Little Red & Green Christmas LodgerFriend flash in between … it is known that many Star Wars toys, it was packed in the living room and toilet paper on the child’s pants covered with trees to have! It is also known to have a few nights hidden or were prepared in haste the throne of Lego … It’s like he totally forgot to do something fun before bedtime!

It is always a sad event on Christmas Eve knowing that he is leaving us for a year! We put it under the tree and grabs a homecoming with Santa when he’s here! Before, I would leave the basket! It will not be completely out of our socks, new PJS, snacks, movies, reindeer dishes and dishes from our special Christmas Eve!

So roll on December 1st! This calculator mummy looks forward to your visit and hope for a little better organized this year !! Children can not wait to see what you’ll antics this year and we hope they will be for them to remain, at best, a good list of Santa Claus. Nobody wants to be on the naughty list!