organize photos in order and well maintained

organize photos in order and well maintainedBoth digital photo printing and a lot of space and is very easy to confuse Photo ending with a stack of photos you choose to slip under the bed or remove it from your computer as an art to obtain full. Sometimes deciding how to organize your photos without spending much money, it is more difficult than the actual organization. Here are some of the best cost-effective to organize your photos.

1) Plastic bag

This is one of our favorites. It is more effective to protect the image and great because it allows everyone to write to the Ziploc with a permanent marker to show the contents of the bag.

2) Deposit

If you do not want the wealth of photos, but to keep the cuts you in a place, it is a good option, on the record. Tag your photos is easy when the hanging folders. The Container Store has amazing capabilities.

3) Shoe

A proven method to save images with the shoe to reduce interference and is a great way to recycle shoes instead of playing. Shoebox can classify many molds

4) Elastic

The separation of different events or years, color codes with a variety of colored rubber bands.

organize photos in order and well maintained5) Photographic paper box

This is a box step shoes, but clean look more organized to store your photos.

6) Photo plastic box

It costs a bit more of a photographic paper box, but the advantage is that the plastic Photo specially prepared to keep the house of your prints and photos to the web because they are in an airtight container.

7) Plastic box

No need, plastic box, specially designed for photos, in common plastic containers, buying into an infinite variety of shapes and sizes came to do. You can see the different types of plastic boxes that best fit the space you have to store your photos.

8) The digitization of digital files – opening with an off-site service provider

This is probably a simple and effective way to store your digital photos if you are willing to spend money. It is also investing to protect digital files from your home and sort your photos, especially when you start to lose the original file.

9) Computer Group in iPhoto Apple

If you are an Apple user, a good way to keep your photos in iPhoto. iPhoto break everything and to be photographed when organizing events and even uses facial recognition technology to organize photos of everyone in your photos.

10) Brown paper with a rubber band

If you want fast species are able to label printing your photos with baking paper and wrapped with a rubber band, a different view of the organization’s mold.

After exploring different ways of organizing digital photos that archivists had more # 1 plastic bag. This method faster ,, less expensive, safer and more versatile image planning. Other methods have their place, so you can organize your photos, but they can cost more or take some time.

Efficiency and always in digital format for digital archivists is fast our priority. No organization under preset physical copies of digital photos normally. Once you have digital, you can easily transfer them to your computer.

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