Napa Valley Wine Train

For a memorable dining experience when driving through the scenic respect, hop aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train, and you will not be disappointed. Stretching 30 miles, Napa Valley in Northern California and is one of the wine producing regions of the world. Napa Valley Wine Train trip takes three hours, which is more than enough time to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Napa Valley, especially the hills and vineyards of immersion in dazzling. Train des Vignes is mainly due to the beautiful city of St. Helena and is valid for a round trip around the beautiful towns like Rutherford, Oakville and Yountville.

In addition to travel with the most luxury, this trip is all about time when traveling in a beautifully restored old train, explore the famous American wine region. Most cars built in 1915 by the famous Pullman Standard company and had to economy class for the Northern Pacific Railway. These days, cars were maintained their steel structures and heat and power with modern features such as steam. They are decorated with velvet upholstered chairs in Honduras mahogany and brass details trim to achieve a high level of luxury and comfort.

But what makes the Napa Valley Wine Train is even more interesting is a fantastic experience that came by train. You can enjoy a gourmet experience in the form of multiple-course lunch or dinner. The food is freshly prepared in the kitchen of three to the train. Pack a lunch catering arrangements generally followed the traditional sit-rail. This means you can share a table with another party. While it is possible to reserve a table for you and your friends, this option, if you limit Gourmet Express Parcel Books.

If you are willing to pay more, you can enjoy your meal in the Vista Dome where all tables that are private. Dinner aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train is a very different experience from the private table, a more formal atmosphere and the courtyard is equipped with wine glasses. If you want a romantic date night, so there is no other ideal as a getaway package travel Moonlight.

Meals can be served in the first or second. In the first part of the office of food that is served as the train goes St. Helena. You can choose between soup or salad that came to choose the main course of your choice. Your dining experience with coffee and dessert, which can be enjoyed in one of the lounges while the full train back to Napa. If you choose the second seat, it will be the starter on the way to St. Helena, and then you have your main course on the return trip. Some examples of foods main dishes, including roast beef, coriander chicken and grilled salmon with potatoes.