If rampant least if you hear the words: What’s for dinner?

If rampant least if you hear the words: What's for dinner?Mature, with a family that you really eat every day?

I do not know about you, but my family seems to think that they actually eat every day! You would think that I would get on board with this idea and really plan what I want to do. After being married for almost 15 years (October), I do not even have a planning system / menu. Why is it? To reduce stress is when the children asked, “What’s for dinner”

Why I refused for a long time? My nature rebelled before I even think about the situation, this is the case in all areas of my life. Someone told me, “You must wash your clothes every week.” I immediately thought, “No, I do not do what I want, you can not give me orders.” But what if …

What if we simply develop our stress of menu planning, let everyone know what’s for dinner, and even saved us some money in the store? Let’s say the system is not for everyone, which is developed by us. Hmmmm …

If rampant least if you hear the words: What's for dinner?If hypothetically develop a simple menu planning system, because we are going to go? What if we set the timer for five minutes and start writing all the entries in our families regularly. Then turn five minutes and made a page. We would like a list of the typical dishes of our home, and we have to think of everything. Straight ahead! We add an element of fun. Collection of two containers, “network” and cut into individual strips in the container where. Do the same for “Pages” and put into another container. Now, the children must choose one of each and write for each day of the week.

We now have the value of the food for a week / month / day! You can then set the timer for 5-10 minutes and write our shopping list. A little work, but the time spent with children can be useful! Then we went to the shop, we understood that we have to do, says the food and are free to choose what we want!

What do you think? Do you think it’s worth? If the timer is more stressful and less stressful for you should do? Do you have any creative ideas for exploring the same task to achieve for dinner, with everything at hand and maybe just maybe not every time you hear the praise, “Mom, what’s for dinner? “