Have not been to the cinema

Have not been to the cinemaSo I’m in a meeting last night and ice from the host gave us a sheet of paper for each question to rest. As soon as I turned the newspaper I read the question: What is your favorite movie? “

Ok, so let me clarify that I have some questions related to hatred with the favorites. I have no favorite. I do not have a favorite color or music. It changes all the time, depending on my mood or time, you know? But to my surprise, I have a favorite movie, and it really is not because of the film, but because of the history behind it.

He grew up in a family of Spanish, we only films in Spain. My brothers and I occasionally watch television in English, but it was not until the age of eight, I learned to speak English if there was a new imagined world. Because of the language barrier, my parents took us to the movies. I never know what the theater looked like or how the screen when my friends join hands, great “It was so great.”

Have not been to the cinemaIt was the summer after fifth year, when the movie “Finding Nemo” came. For those of you whose age we understand how happy we were when the Pixar animation can be started instead of the same old box. At 10, the best news of my life than I; My parents wanted to see us to the movies “Finding Nemo.” I am calm and almost fainted from emotion.

When my turn came to answer my question at the hearing, I replied with “Finding Nemo,” because of immigrant families who do not speak the language of the film is a big deal for me on a low income.

Tears after reading to stop this; funny the story is that my father actually fell asleep during the movie. He did not understand what was happening, he took a nap!

What is your favorite movie and why? It has nothing to do with the plot of the film or the story behind this film?