Happy teenagers Culture

Happy teenagers CultureChanges in development during the years of puberty

Adolescence is a time of great change and growth and important period in the life of his son. As a parent, you know the stage of development you expect understanding during adolescence. An important step in this development requires a positive caring adults to support young people when they visit certain tasks, and begin to make the transition to adulthood.

Evolution of development during this period, also on the way you communicate with the influence of his son, and how to see and begin to develop relationships in general. He noted that the self-esteem of children can fall when they begin adolescence. You can now to make sure they understand and will go through changes in their body and mind are ready to help.

Adolescents undergo developmental changes in the following areas:

• Physical

• Emotional

• Cognitive

  • Social and psychological

Happy teenagers CultureThe adolescent development of protective factors is family support and love, positive family communication, the protective school environment, opportunity, service to raise other in one of the family rules Clear and school and consequences of positive non-Aboriginal relations grow, learn life skills and provide decision support capabilities to prepare resources, constructive relationships with colleagues and the support and encouragement of parents and teachers to perform in school.

Because many teenagers undergo changes even well-prepared young people sometimes feel overwhelmed and alone. Approximately one in five people with depression and women reported higher levels of depression than boys.

Happy teenagers CultureDepression is not the same as feeling stress. The symptoms of stress, such as stress, anxiety and frustration usually takes several hours or several days. Depression is more severe and last longer. Studies show that young people a close relationship with their parents tend to be long-term depression. They are also more likely to discuss the issue with parents. If you are concerned and can not communicate with your child, the school counselor, family doctor or a mental health professional.

The implementation of protective factors in the life of your child will provide a safety net and help them out of difficult times to come back. They are also a must in the development of positive adolescent mental health.

This article is part of a series that will concentrate 10 weeks on the development and well-being of our youth. Along the opportunities for young people to access their gifts and use of their skills is an important element of capacity building.

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