Get the Most From Your Garden During Hot, Dry August

Garden During HotWith the current water restrictions, maintenance of flower and vegetable gardens can be a powerful challenge, especially during hot, dry August planning and care can be made.

Keep Blooming Roses Roses Founded should be watered every week or even every two weeks. Keep them cut back so that the system aims to strengthen the strongest varieties. Remove dead flowers.

  • Get the Most From Your Garden During Hot, Dry AugustDon’t Mow As Often: When water is abundant in summer, the grass tends to grow rapidly. With a little water, slowing growth. Cut every 2-3 weeks. Keep grass at least an inch long, to protect against heat stimulation land, water evaporation and growth of deeper roots.
  • Plant Indoors: Houseplants are not subjected to the intense heat, the exterior can be experienced in the summer. Consider planting flowers in pots inside. Flowering plant that does well in the fourth hibiscus, lilies, geraniums, begonias and Boston fern varieties. Use “gray water” gathered in the kitchen or bathroom to keep these plants well watered.

Get the Most From Your Garden During Hot, Dry AugustKeep your garden, keep in your garden yellowing vines and hanging stems or flowers. So you just the energy of the healthy part of the plant. Many times, removing all problematic parts of the plant within a week. In addition, weeds once they before they steal nutrients in soil gardens.

  • Get the Most From Your Garden During Hot, Dry AugustCut Perennials: Perennials can lose its luster now. If it seems that his best days are behind them to cut the plants, leaving only a few inches from the stem residue. Plants grow again in the spring.
  • Prevent Creatures From Eating Your Crop: Conclusion After a week of watching the fruits and vegetables are ripe, it is one of the most frightening aspects of gardening animal took a bite of a wonderful piece of fruit or vegetable (or meeting with his true) Protect with bird netting over the top of the tree, he began covering the ripe fruits of fruit for birds, let them know in advance.

Get the Most From Your Garden During Hot, Dry AugustMake sure there is a hole, so that the birds do not get caught if you can find a way. Consider a mini-guide (available in the nursery) in the garden to prevent rodents to steal vegetables. Another option is to close the bird netting plants. The spread of eggshells crushed the slug plan to keep close strawberries and vegetables are low-to-the-land and other vegetables.

  • Get the Most From Your Garden During Hot, Dry AugustKeep mulching: organic mulch in your garden all summer to keep the water, keep the roots cool and suppress weeds. mulch water before so that the soil remains moist longer. Mulch should be at least 2-3 inches thick with trees and shrubs and vegetable plants and flowers.