Even girls like wind chimes

Even girls like wind chimesWhen my daughter to return to our first grandchild was born to work, I offered a little Abby few days to a week looking for help with the costs of childcare. A few months later, the weather was hot and we were able to go out to enjoy the weather. If ever there was a wind blowing, I sing my big beautiful greyhound.

Abby bit like when I click on these large wind chimes hanging to accept the end of our patio. They will be the last bit of hand and the great thing and forth between the length of the tube and sound as if the wind itself rings the bell. There is no time like we do not want on the porch, which Abby glockenspiel and the song will play. It was five years and three grandchildren. Now that Natalie sister Abby. He also sang a preference for these wind chimes and love, like his brother. Somehow this escaped clocks Carly interests grandchildren of the agent. But I think, two out of three is not bad!

In our terrace we had a nice big clock on the east side with two small children in the front corner. On each side hanging hummingbird feeders red glass porch. I often sat on the porch on a nice warm day awaits a delicious little bird fly to eat your sweet nectar, and I have more than once asked why the ring never seems to scare them if they come to power. They flew behind this gigantic ring, hovering at a feeder while a built in straw of them enjoy nectar feeders glass hummingbirds they visit every day.

Even girls like wind chimesDid you know that hummingbirds are able to enjoy this sweet nectar will to fight? Although a great show. Two small furry creatures with flapping wings fifty times a second dam and the other in the language Hummingbird swear I’m sure it will be a shame if we did not understand. Small creatures do their thing for the investor really aware of everything around them play never ceases to amaze me.

Summer is over now, and has a small miracle of nature, which is to migrate to the warmer, but my wind chimes still did not care very little wind, what temperature they probe the songs most famous. I love that about him I hear it now. It does not matter if it rains, snow, cold or hot outside and light, while Mother Nature will send the wind to make their way, they will sing their beautiful melodies.