cool and easy dinners at home

Diners around decorations and music and games that can be played, this time to discuss a variety of menus from which to choose.

  • cool and easy dinners at homeChaat problem

Regardless of the size of the car is or how fat your wallet is, it is taste 8-10 Paani Puri plates in a shady corner stores snacks. Once BHEL-Puri, Dahi-Puri, Dahi Vada, cracked corn, garadu root, carrot halwa and kulfi. Change the atmosphere of your room, and you, spicy, spicy dinner only, participate and entertain your guests.

  • cool and easy dinners at homeVilla meat

All non-vegetarians who take their eating habits serious; It can literally kill for food. Start with fried fish or chicken tandoori, eat Roghan josh or Keema Kaleji with chapati and ends with heat, steam pot chicken biriyani. If possible, invite your guests for dinner, they help you cook. Gourmets enjoy cooking their own meals, especially if it includes putting pieces of canned meat in your choice of pasta.

  • cool and easy dinners at homeA sugar pleasure

Adding a little sugar, or rather a piece of your party? Bake a cake; organize candy and donuts on top of your coffee table, truffle sausage squirt chocolate syrup (main course), and do not forget the ice cream sundae to close in a sweet and cheerful note. While the dessert is a course that is the most anticipated of the entire dinner meal will surely please your guests as dessert giant and have asked them to count more of the parties, provided it does not calories.

  • cool and easy dinners at homeTraditional menu

It is easy to cook after a certain tradition or culture. First, select a region, Kashmir, for example. Google is the delicious food and income. Koch! A little permutations and combinations are tasty.