5 ideas for the pleasure of doing something

With rising higher in the sky each day of the summer sun, the temperature rises on so much that you write often feel inside with your children. If this summer you keep looking for something fun and exciting without heating his clan chat, here are five great ideas to try!

1. Get a medieval exhibitionHave an Indoor Treasure Hunt

One way to entertain the children are kept away from the house, have a house treasure hunt. Create a set of indicators for each player or a player makes a lot of evidence to exchange their own then. Believe it is more fun with rhyming clues to the children. Each clue should lead to other tracks, and so on, until you reach the treasure of players. You can use the jacket to hide his escape, and offers a small gift, like a toy or candy for those who solve the puzzle and make the first treasure!

25 ideas for the pleasure of doing something that is equipped with air conditioning. Create a Family Cookbook

Another fun family project guarantees to eat, take a lot of times the children to create a family cookbook. This is not only a fun way to spend the afternoon in summer, but also teach your children an important skill to use it anyway, as they move, college or the workforce. Not only that, in late summer children have a list of healthy recipes that you can use to prepare food for the whole family! No more slaving over a hot stove for mom and dad.

3.5 ideas for the pleasure of doing something that is equipped with air conditioning Indoor  Camping

If it’s too hot to go outside the camp (or State Park also damn) about training at home for a picnic and camping. Give children a variety of materials, bedding, rope, cardboard, foam pieces or even the royal tent, and watch your creative instincts run wild because they build a strong self surprising. You read campfire horror stories to thrill a flashlight in their tents. Bonus points for the construction of a picnic blanket with crackers, cheese and apple slices!

4. 5 ideas for the pleasure of doing something that is equipped with air conditioningGo to the library

The library is a great place to take children if it is too hot outside for outdoor games. Many libraries offer reading programs for children in summer, in the mediation of a lifelong love of reading in your children can be very helpful. You can win prizes and often attract more books they read points. Additionally, many libraries offer story time for children. In addition to entertaining the kids for a few hours they had to run and read in the library, they often come home with hours of entertainment!

5 ideas for the pleasure of doing something that is equipped with air conditioning5. Get a medieval exhibition

For more educational opportunities to cool, take the family to medieval animation exhibition. Your kids will a lot about how life was back in the Middle Ages, because they are with actors in period costumes, such as copyright and women trained waiting to see, or armor shiny metal as a knight get. They loved the authentic medieval eat with your hands while. An exhibition of royal knights before your eyes